The concept for Unit 001 came when Divaska Founders were traveling overseas in South East Asia. Due to the hot climate, they didn't have enough pockets to carry their belongings while walking around during the day and the pocket space they did have in their shorts was overstuffed and bulky with items constantly falling out.

After looking around for a sleek, small crossbody bag, something ideal for the scenario, the founders noticed that the available bags were either not large enough or were too big and clunky looking.

The sleek, lightweight, and minimal design ethos for Divaska helps keep things not only fashionable but simple and efficient.

The small sling bag for men comes with an adjustable strap that can easily be altered to fit the size and shape of your body.

The sturdy 2 D-ring buckles mean you can wave goodbye to any early troubles of a broken strap due to excessive weight providing you peace of mind when you're traveling.

This water resistant crossbody bag is ideal for everyday use, especially if you require a regular day bag for traveling.